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voz f. (Noun) "voice"

12th cent. From Latin vocem, accusative of vox 'id.' From Proto-Italic *wōkws 'id.' From Proto-Indo-European *u̯ōkw-s

Romance: Western Vulgar Latin: Asturian voz, Portuguese voz, Galician voz, Catalan veu, French voix, Italian voce ; Eastern Vulgar Latin: Aromanian boatsi, Romanian voce ; Sardinian: boghe

Italic: Umbrian suboco "invocation" (lit. 'low-voice')

Indo-European: Ancient Greek ὀπ- (óp-) "voice;" Indo-Iranian: Sanskrit vā́k "voice," Old Avestan vāxš 'id.;' Tocharian: A wak "voice," wek 'id.'