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vida f. (Noun) "life"

11th cent. From Latin vita 'id.' Either from Proto-Italic *wī́wita 'id.,' from Proto-Indo-European *gwi̯H-u̯o-t-ā-, or from Proto-Italic *wī́ta- 'id.,' from Proto-Indo-European *gwi̯H-t-h2 (both are phonologically possible, as there is not enough phonological data in Latin to draw a conclusion). In either case, both potential ancestors derive from the root *gwei̯H- "to live."

Romance: Western Vulgar Latin: Asturian vida, Portuguese vida, Galician vida, Catalan vida, French vie, Italian vita ; Eastern Vulgar Latin: Romanian vită ; Sardinian: bida

Italic: Oscan biítam "life"

Indo-European: Balto-Slavic: Old Church Slavonic životъ "life," Russian živót "belly," Czech život "life," Polish żywot 'id.,' Slovene živòt 'id.,' Old Prussian giwato 'id.,' Lithuanian gyvatà 'id.'