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suelo m. (Noun) "floor," "ground"

12th cent. From Latin solum "bottom," "floor," "ground." From Proto-Italic *solo- 'id.' From Proto-Indo-European *sol-o- "living space." See also suelo.

Romance: Western Vulgar Latin: Portuguese solo, solho, Catalan sòl, French sol, Italian suolo ; Eastern Vulgar Latin: Romanian sol

Indo-European: Germanic: Old Norse salr "hall, "house," Old High German sal "hall," Old Saxon seli 'id.,' Old English sæl 'id.;' Balto-Slavic: Old Church Slavonic selo "field," "village," Russian seló "village," Old Czech selo "field," Polish sioɫo "soil," "village," Slovene sélọ "colony," "village," Lithuanian salà "island," "field"