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paz f. (Noun) "peace"

12th cent. From Latin pax 'id.' From Proto-Italic *pāk- "agreement." From Proto-Indo-European *peh2ḱ-

Romance: Western Vulgar Latin: Asturian paz, Portuguese paz, Galicianpaz, Catalan pau, French paix, Italian pace ; Eastern Vulgar Latin: Romanian pace ; Sardinian: pache

Italic: Umbrian pacer "peace," Marsian pacre 'id.,' Paelignian pacrid "by peace"

Indo-European: Germanic: Gothic fagrs "fit," Old Norse fagr "beautiful," Old High German fuogen "to join," Old Saxon fōgian 'id.,' Old English fēgan 'id.' (English to fay); Hellenic: Attic Greek πήττω (pétto) "I join;" Indo-Iranian: Sanskrit pā́śa- "snare," Khotanese pāsa- "cord;" Anatolian: Hittite pāški "to fasten"