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metro (1) m. (Noun) "meter"

Late 18th cent. Either borrowed from French mètre 'id.' and then from Ancient Greek μέτρον ‎(métron) "measure" or borrowed directly from Ancient Greek, bypassing French. From Proto-Indo-European *mh1-tro- "measurement." From the root *meh1- "to measure" (see also medir).

Romance: Western Vulgar Latin: French mètre, Italian metro

Indo-European: Celtic: Old Irish midithir "to measure," Middle Welsh meðu "to think," meddu "rule," Middle Cornish medhes "to say;" Germanic: Gothic mitan "to measure," Old Norse meta "to evaluate," Old High German mezzan "to measure," Old English metan 'id.' (English to measure); Hellenic: Ancient Greek μέδομαι (médomai) "to care for;" Armenian: mit-kʿ "mind;" Indo-Iranian: Young Avestan vī-māδaiiaṇta "they must measure"