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llamar (Verb) "to call"

12th cent. From Latin clamare 'id.' Probably from a noun in Proto-Italic *klām-o/ā "shout." From *kl̥h1-m- 'id.' From *kleh1- "to call."

Romance: Western Vulgar Latin: Asturian llamar, Portuguese chamar, Galician chamar, Catalan clamar, French clamer, Italian chiamare; Eastern Vulgar Latin: Aromanian cljem, Romanian chema; Sardinian: ciamare

Italic: Latin calare "to call," Umbrian kar̆etu "he must call" (kleh1-)

Indo-European: Germanic: Old Norse hjal "talk," Old High German hellan "to resound," Old Saxon halōn "to get," Old English hlōwan "to roar;" Balto-Slavic: Lithuanian kaļuôt "to talk idly;" Hellenic: Ancient Greek κᾰλεῖν (kaleîn) "to call;" Anatolian: Hittite kallišzi "to call"