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lamento m. (Noun) "lament," "wail"

16th cent. From Latin lamentum "lament." From Proto-Italic *lāmnto- "howl." From Proto-Indo-European *leh2-mn̥-to- 'id.' From the root *leh2- "to howl."

Romance: Western Vulgar Latin: Portuguese lamento

Italic: Latin latrare "to bark" (leh2-tro- "barking")

Indo-European: Germanic: Gothic lailoun "the scolded" Balto-Slavic: Old Church Slavonic lajati "to scold," Russian lájat' "to bark," Polish łajać 'id.,' Slovene lȃjati 'id.,' Lithuanian lóti 'id.;' Armenian: "to wail;" Indo-Iranian: Sanskrit rā́yati "to bark," Young Avestan -raiiaṇt- "shouting"