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género m. (Noun) "kind," "genus"

14th cent. From Latin genus 'id.' From Proto-Italic *gen- "race," "offspring." From Proto-Indo-European *ǵenh1- 'id.,' but likely originally a verb "to birth." See also gente, germen.

Romance: Western Vulgar Latin: Portuguese gênero, French genre, Italian genere; Eastern Vulgar Latin: Romanian gen

Indo-European: Celtic: Gaulish Cintu-genus "firstborn," Old Irish Éogan, 2nd/3rd cent. king of Munster, Old Welsh Morgen "sea-born" (not related to the modern Welsh name Morgan, from Old Welsh Morcanth), Old Breton gen "race;" Hellenic: Ancient Greek γένος (génos) "race;" Armenian: cin "birth;" Indo-Iranian: Sanskrit jánas- "race"