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familia f. (Noun) "family"

13th cent. From Latin familia (legal) "family," but more commonly (and originally) "slave staff." From Proto-Italic *famelias 'id.' A noun formed from an adjective *famelio- "domestic," "of the house," which dates back to a noun in Proto-Indo-European *dhh1-m-elo- "foundation" (see fámulo).

Romance: Western Vulgar Latin: Asturian familia, Portuguese família, Galician familia, Catalan família, French famille, Italian famiglia; Eastern Vulgar Latin: Aromanian fumealji, Romanian familie; Sardinian: famíglia

Italic: Oscan famelos "household," fml "slave," Umbrian fameřias "household," Paelignian famel "slave"

Indo-European: Hellenic: Ancient Greek θεμέλια (themélia) "foundation"