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edificar (Verb) "to build"

13th cent. From Latin ædificare 'id.' from ædes "building" and facere "to make" (see hacer). Latin ædes is from Proto-Italic *aiþ- "hearth." From Proto-Indo-European *h2i̯dh- "to burn."

Romance: Western Vulgar Latin: Portuguese edificar, French édifier, Italian edificare

Italic: Oscan aídíl, Faliscan efiles, Volscan aidiles

Indo-European: Celtic: Old Irish áed "fire," Welsh aidd "ardor," Middle Breton oaz "jealousy;" Germanic: Old High German eit "pyre," Old English ād 'id.;' Hellenic: Ancient Greek αἴθειν (aíthein) "to burn;" Indo-Iranian: Sanskrit édha- "firewood," -idh- "igniting"