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capra f. (Noun) "goat"

From Latin capra "she-goat." From Proto-Italic *kapra- 'id.' Likely a loan from a non-Indo-European language. Note the variation between *ka- and *ga- in Celtic (Old Irish caera "sheep" versus gabor "roebuck").

Romance: Western Vulgar Latin: Asturian cabra, Portuguese cabra, Galician cabra, Catalan cabra, French chèvre, Italian capra; Eastern Vulgar Latin: Aromanian caprã, Romanian capră; Sardinian: craba

Italic: Umbrian kaprum

Indo-European: Celtic: Gaulish gabrus, Old Irish caera "sheep" (kapera-), gabor, Middle Welsh gauar, Old Breton gabr, Old Cornish gauar; Germanic: Old Norse hafr, Old English hæfer; Hellenic: Ancient Greek κάπρος (kápros) "boar;" Indo-Iranian: Sanskrit kápṛth? "penis"