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baño m. (Noun) "bath"

11th cent. From Vulgar Latin baneum 'id.,' from Latin balneum - a syncopated variant of the more conservative balineum - borrowed from Greek βαλανεῖον (balaneîon) "bath," "bathing room." A Pre-Greek substrate word.

Found in the villages of Baño, Galicia. In the feminine, found in the village name La Baña, used throughout Leon and Galicia. In the plural it is a common toponym throughout Spain, dating back to the public bath houses of Roman times. Also the origin of the Valencian surname Buñol and the Navarran surname Buñuel.

Romance: Western Vulgar Latin: Asturian bañu, Portuguese banho, Galician baño, Catalan bany, French bain, Italian bagno; Eastern Vulgar Latin: Romanian baie

"For a term for bathing in warm water, which is probably an Aegaean custom, we might expect a Pre-Greek origin." ~ Robert S. P. Beekes (2014).